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    "A desire to make it in the media industry while wanting to inform and entertain her peers has motivated one student to create her own talk show.

    Arian Helm, electronic media senior, launched The Arian Helm Show on YouTube February 2019. She currently has 12 episodes available and plans to wrap up season one in the next few weeks. Season two will launch August 2019.

    Helm said she wants the show to be intriguing, entertaining and informative. Each episode of The Arian Helm Show includes five segments."


    "Today we’d like to introduce you to Arian Helm.

    So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
    After being at my university for two years and not accomplishing much academically, I began to do some soul searching as to what I really wanted to do post-grad. At that time, I was on my third major and felt extremely lost. I remember talking to my professor who asked me what made me genuinely happy. I couldn’t give her one solid answer at the time. I took an intro class to my now major, Mass Communication, that required us to create a blog. I grew to love expressing my thoughts online, but what I enjoyed most was reading my blogs aloud. I then came across the idea of having my own talk show. I’ve always enjoyed a good conversation growing up. I was known for being very talkative among my family and teachers. I did a lot of research on how to produce and construct my talk show, which lead to what you all see today."

  • Taking Charge of Your Vision & Walking in Your Purpose w/ Arian Hel‪m‬

    In this episode we have a unique guest, Arian Helm, who is taking charge of the broadcasting and media production game. She is the CEO of her own network company and the founder & host of her talk show; The Arian Helm Show.


    She shares with us her vision and the importance of walking in your purpose. Tune in and discover how her journey began!


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    Black love is something that is often taken for granted,

    but is the strongest love out there if you ask me. Why do we treat our women so bad? Why are our men labeled as "ain't shit"? Listen to what @thearianhelm & I had to say about that along with many other things related to black love.

"This Is a new way, and its a new day, and its a new chair. And I have the gavel."

-Maxine Waters

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